My “stranger” American friend Dennis Corey

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My “stranger” American friend Dennis Corey


Two or three years prior to Russian-Georgian War, during one of my then usual business trips, in some airport of some European country, in a half empty hall of a transit zone, I was scrolling through a book while expecting my flight. A smart looking man of respected age took a sit nearby. His loud voice, style and specific gesticulation left no doubt that I was dealing with the representative of “Wild West”.


We got acquainted soon. Dennis, as I had assumed, was American, around 55-60 years old from Chicago – ordinary American – friendly, curious.


I cannot recall now where was he heading to. I do remember his story about the family, business, and friends. He was really interested in Georgia and promised to visit my country. We talked for about an hour, exchanged the business cards and so we ended.


In 2008 during the August war I worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and along with my colleagues through those hardest days and nights we stayed in our offices around the clock. During the whole day and especially in the evening we gathered in the office of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (Gregory Vashadze). It was the end of a regular meeting of 9 or 10 August 2008, I went back to my office late night (early morning) by 2-3 am and sat by my computer. While checking on email I found a message from an unknown address. Even now I cannot fully understand how come I did not delete it unread, as all of us do on daily basis.


The letter began with a reminder: - “ I am the guy you met in the airport two years ago. Do you remember me?” I was confused and could not figure out the purpose of sending that kind of messages during the war.


But the words that followed were touching indeed: - “I have got a couple of questions for you: Are you and the rest of your family ready to leave for US immediately? If yes, I will inform the Embassy of USA in Georgia in order to obtain American visas a.s.a.p. Also, I am ready to cover the travel expenses for you and the members of your family”.


Frankly, I read the letter and could not believe my eyes, was it still possible that there were genuine humans in the world? Moreover, he neither was a relative, nor a friend, practically a stranger, who, in times of adversity, is ready to give you and your entire family a hand of help.


Of course my family and I had never thought, even for a second, of leaving our country and of course I informed Dennis about that. But I really was loaded with emotions. Especially, against the background of Russia of the same faith destroying your country and flattening to earth my mother’s birthplace Shida Kartli, a stranger American is offering you his help.


Some tendencies existing nowadays in Georgia inspired me of writing this letter. May God forbid Georgians from not distinguishing friend from foe, but it’s beyond controversy, that some corrupt immoral individuals squeak relentlessly pushing us at least towards confusion and at worst towards total capitulation. Nor will we, Georgians, waver, we will overcome difficulties and we will emerge victorious.


P.S. Despite the fact that I have a couple of acquaintances and friends in Russia, none of them did even try to express any kind of condolence for the atrocities thrown over my country.




Gigi Kublashvili


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