The Statement of Georgian non-governmental organisations on the occasion of 15th anniversary of Georgia’s accession to the Council of Europe

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The Statement of Georgian non-governmental organisations on the occasion of 15th anniversary of Georgia’s accession to the Council of EuropeOn this very day, 27 April, 15 years ago Georgia joined the Council of Europe. On 27 April 1999, the Council of Europe, launched its enlargement process in relation to the South-Caucasus region. Today, all the European states, except Belarus, are members of this oldest pan-European inter-governmental organisation. Today, most European nations are in a position to contribute to the elaboration and strengthening of common European standards within the Council of Europe. Currently, almost all Europeans may benefit from the means, possibilities, as well as assistance offered and provided by the Council of Europe.

The processes preceding Georgia’s accession and the developments during Georgia’s membership already contributed to the promotion of principles of pluralist democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Georgia. The day of Georgia’s accession itself is to be regarded as an important component in the restoration of historic fairness, whereas the state and nation of Georgia have started their difficult but the only acceptable journey back to its natural family.

The Council of Europe family is also benefiting from Georgia’s membership in the Organisation. The common European standards and principles elaborated and codified by the Council of Europe are now comprising the extensive and rich experience, know-how and traditions of the multiethnic and multicultural Georgian society.

On this very day, marking Georgia’s 15-year membership in the Council of Europe, the Georgian non-governmental organisations express hope that while Georgia will contribute to the work of the organisation and comply with its statutory and accession commitments, the Council of Europe shall also live up with its obligations towards its member state and will do utmost to support Georgia’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and democratic development, as envisaged in the statute drafted and adopted by the founding fathers of the Council of Europe.

The commemoration of 27 April 1999 in Tbilisi and Strasbourg would not have only a symbolic meaning and importance. While today’s Europe is facing challenges unseen as from the creation of the Council of Europe, due respect paid to this significant date for the common history of Georgia and the Council of Europe family, would pass a strong message to those, who are threatening the peace and the values for the creation, protection and promotion of which, the Council of Europe was founded and exists today.

The Georgian Institute of European Values (GIEV)
Society “IVERIA”
Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS)
International Centre for Geopolitical Studies (ICGS)
The National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG)
Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI)
Regional Institute of Interparty Development (RIID)
Mr Tornike Sharashenidze (GIPA)

27 April 2014

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